Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe

Futa Island: Taken by the Tribe

Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Lost at sea female elf merchant gets stranded on what at first seems a deserted island, which happens to be populated by Amazonian dickgirls. I would have rather liked this addition, but found the dialog rather stilted at times, and the domination scenes somewhat robotic at certain points of the story.

The definite highlight was the dual-dicked chieftain. You couldn't go wrong with that! The creampie scenes were pretty great as well, Vane as usual does an excellent job of providing all the lewd details we crave.

Final Breakdown:

Guys: Buy this novella if you have fantasies of harem building.

Girls: Buy this novella if you have noncon fantasies, and love roughness, and stern talking.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Servants of the Satyrs

Final verdict: 5 out of 5 stars

Holy balls, this one comes in a tie for my second favorite of Vane's lewd tales. It's a toss-up between this and Blue Blood Babies. Set in a fantasy world, an elf sets out to infiltrate the satyrs to disastrous outcome, with some cute plot twists thrown in for additional threesome flavor. I won't spoil it, but the sex scenes are amazing, there's really no better way to describe them. It has everything, musk, breeding, impregnation, cock addiction, lactation, and much more... 

The only thing I didn't like was that the womb penetration scene was a little too graphic for my tastes, but to each their own.

Final Breakdown:

Guys: Buy this novella if you enjoy corruption, and breeding.

Girls: Buy this novella if you have semicon fantasies and growing round with babies.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

SLUT for the State


Final verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

I enjoyed this latest of Vane’s tales. Not only did it have a diverse amount of scenes, interesting side-characters, but also it had a hot peppering of enough fetishes to appeal to most tastes. Such included were breeding, birthing, nonconsensual play, light bondage, hypnosis, and prostitution.

Set in a futuristic earth, it focuses on two barely legal girls who undergo a procedure to become SLUTS. Outfitted with special cybernetic wombs and naughty bits, they are contracted by the government to produce babies for a reason undisclosed (I’m assuming eugenics, or for a strong military force) in return for money.

Samantha and Sahira’s stories break into two paths, but they do share some scenes together. Notably, I enjoyed their service station chapter, in which they are hooked up to machines and used repeatedly, while having cute snippets of conversation.

Notably, Samantha ends up with a better fate than Sahira, but I won’t spoil anything. Overall, the novella had a satisfying ending with both girls succumbing to their baser urges.  

The only things I found unsatisfying about the SLUT for the State were the odd lack of love for technophiles, and some scene details. A little chrome in the cybernetic implants could have gone a long way, and it felt a little unnecessary to have two similar sex scenes with one of Samantha’s acquaintances and then Sahira’s brother.

Final Breakdown:

Guys: Buy this novella if you enjoy watching girls succumb to the constant burning urge to have sex, getting knocked up, giving birth, or being encouraged/forced to do things they would normally not.

Girls: Buy this novella if you like fantasies of what being a working girl would feel like, having casual random sex with strangers in public places, or even being taken by force by a group of large, strong men.

Publications Postponed Indefinitely

Well I have bad news. In order to file for a legitimate publishing business I will need to file for an EIN, which I'm going to do once I have a place of my own. For right now, I'm searching for a job to support this goal.

In the mean time, what I will be doing is posting occasional captions, and doing primarily adult book reviews. One of my favorite adult authors, Vivian A. Vane, has graciously agreed to let me endorse him.

So stay tuned for some awesome book reviews, and captions!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Late Holiday Cheers Update and Paid Job Offer for an Editor

We're still alive. Yes, I say "we" because when I include myself, there are currently six of us, (skip to the bottom if you want to see the paid job offer!) We six writers are hard at work to create all sorts of sexy things for you. In the past three months, this is what has happened:

New Writers
  • The company hires Mr. Writer 
    • A friend of YG's and all-around wordsmith
  • The company hires Maso
    • An established writer
  • The company hires Malkadrix
    • A friend from my Pornarium development days
  • The company hires Seliq
    • A friend of Malkadrix, has a talent for M/M stories

Current Progress
  • Yellow God's Dragon TF story 33% complete
    • Final draft on hold until we hire another editor (see below)
  • Mr. Writer's centaur story still in its draft stage
  • Hawtstuff’s Lesbian TF story on an indeterminate hiatus
  • All other writers are on vacation/busy

Special Events
  • Mr. Writer and Seliq enter TiTS writing contest
    • Mr. Writer's entry comes in 2nd place and his scene will appear in TiTS

We give many apologies for the long three months without any updates. This semester, I had little time to focus my energy on anything other than school and my relationship. I hope that this final semester will result in more posts and less hiatus between posts.

Paid Job Offer for an Editor

On another note, we're currently looking for an individual to help the company edit. Part of the reason we are so far behind is because of the amount of staggering material that requires moderate to heavy edits. Because I have done 100% of the edit work, it is time to get another person to help reduce the workload. 

If a job as a smut editor interests you, please contact me to work out the details. Benefits include upfront pay and a share of the net profits of any sales related to the material you edit, that you will collect biannually. All payment details are negotiable; any resumes appreciated, but are optional and must not include a coversheet.

An individual that qualifies for this position must:
  • Have a related Bachelor's degree in English and/or Literature or an equivalent degree or higher
  • Have a good work ethic and a drive to perform at standard expectations
  • Have a good ability to communicate ideas, give feedback/critique, and an ability to perform in a group setting
  • Have both fluency and competency in grammar, style, syntax, and formatting
  • Have a familiarity with Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013, Google Documents, Skype, and Dropbox
An individual with any of the traits that follow will receive preference:
  • Any prior work experience as an editor, or a technical writer
  • Any experience as a writer who self-publishes, or has clientele

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Story in The Works

As I had imagined, Yellow God is an amazing writer. In less than 400 edits, his work has shown me he is a natural at this. Right now we are working together to finish the first draft of a dragon transformation story—its title is still to be decided upon, but it is looking great. 

Right now, he has finished writing up to page 11, and I am up to page 4 in edits. We are both working hard to bring everyone sexy content! We hope to have this story done by the end of this month, but other things may come up, we will see. 

However, I am continuing to work on my Lesbian Story, albeit at a slowed pace. As mentioned before in my last post, friends and co-authors are a higher priority for me. Yellow God excels at creative sex writing, so I am mainly focusing on helping him with dialogue, style changes, and of course formatting for the final draft. 

My goal is to help him improve the flow of his writing, so that it lacks unnecessary breaks, stilted dialogue, or changes in tone. His sex scenes are literally so good, that I have had to make few changes. I think with enough practice, Yellow God will be a true legend among smut writers!

Earlier this week, I had a few writers email me about wanting to be published. For future reference, please send me an attached copy of your work(s), or RP scene(s). While I will always help those who ask, I need to be able to get a feel for how well you write in order to see if you would benefit from intensive technical training. 

Right now, I am spending on weekends about an average of 3-6 hours of one-on-one time with Yellow God, giving him feedback and edits, so anything to make my life a bit easier would be highly appreciated. 

Thank you all for subscribing to my blog, and I hope to give you all the delicious content you have been dreaming about within this year! May your cocks be always hard, and your pussies dripping wet!


Saturday, September 7, 2013


Well, this week was NOT my lucky week…

I started getting serious pain and itching to the point it affected my schoolwork—I was taking a bath almost every 6 hours I was feeling so bad—I ended up seeing two doctors before finding out it was withdrawal side effects from a medication. Then when I thought everything was getting better, I started having morning nausea and tiredness. However, anyways, as of this Saturday I am feeling better and ready to get back into the game!

On a good note, I have made a sort of loose contract with one of the writers who I mentioned earlier. He will be publishing under the name Yellow God, and is already working on his first story draft. Like most good smut writers, I found him through F-list, and he is awesome! You should see some of his roleplay scenes; they are drool worthy.

Right now, I am coaching him on how to become a better creative writer, because while he is a god-tier level roleplayer, free writing is something that comes with practice and timely input. Because I want to make it so that you guys don’t have to wait long for stories each month on this blog, it’s vital that we have multiple authors publishing every so often. Therefore, I am intentionally delaying the lesbian story so I can give him all the undivided help he needs— friends and co-authors come first after all! With some effort, I am certain his creative writing will be as fantastic as his roleplaying scenes.

To help make this easier and faster, if you guys want to help us out, we can set up times where Yellow God writes and together we can give him input. The way this would work is that I would set up a Google document and enable commenting. You would watch him work, and provide feedback in the built-in chat and maybe comment section. Just keep in mind you need to have a Google account to use the chat, but then again, who doesn’t have one already? If you do decide to show up, be sure to give him lots of praise, as he’s still very new to creative writing!


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